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About Us

In 1954 as a high school sophomore, Hank Lovejoy, began his career as a “soda jerk” making shakes, malts, floats, sodas, and lime ices behind the counter at the Finley-Hayes Pharmacy. It was during his employment that he met Rita who loved Cherry Cokes and eventually grew to love Hank as well. They married after graduating from high school. They had three children and now have nine grandchildren.


The dream that was born in Hank to someday run a fountain of his own lasted decades longer than the actual soda fountain. Now, more than 50 years later, that dream has become a reality with Rita at his side. Two loves that have stood the test of time.


“I was afraid I might not remember how it all worked, but as soon as I stepped behind the bar, like riding a bicycle, it all came back,” said Hank. “He definitely looks comfortable behind the fountain. He’s having a great time,” said wife, Rita.


Weekdays and Saturdays, customers can bring their soda fountain memories and find Hank or one of the grandkids behind the counter ready to make those memories come alive again.

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